Senin, 19 Juli 2010

A Reader's Suggestions

Got the following in the old e-mail bag:

I've been listening to these podcasts and love them. I searched for them on your site but no query match. Perhaps they are new to you?

Fr Daniel Jones - excellent

And homilies by Fr Daniel Jones

Fr Edwin Palka - catechism classes - excellent

And some Traditionalist Sermons

It is so hard to tell whether some people who are "traditionalist" or whatever are still in line with the Vatican. I love these sermons but the one on the "New Mass" seemed suspect. See what you think. I'm simply not educated enough in the nuances to know if it orthodox to speak so badly of the New Mass

You were right to be concerned. The Traditionalist Sermons are from Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) folks. While we are making some progress towards a restoration of unity, and while there's much good in what they say, we are not yet fully one. I would recommend not listening to the Traditionalist Sermons unless you are well aware of the issues surrounding the SSPX.

In an case, enjoy the rest! Thanks for the tip, Bonne!

UPDATE: According to the combox, "It is Bp. Daniel Dolan's church, he is a straight-up Thuc-line sedevacanist." In other words, DANGER, Will Robinson! DANGER!

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