Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

The One True Faith - Season Seven!!

HT: Dave - thanks, amigo.

These are always a treat. I don't recommend listening to them if you're of a...how does one say?..."delicate" sensibility...regarding a blunt approach.

The One True Faith show is put on by (fellow Domer) Michael Voris, who also runs the RealCatholicTV YouTube channel. If you can handle it, it's well worth your time.

Season Seven

Episode One : Black & White Magick
Episode Two : Witchcraft
Episode Three : Psychics
Episode Four : Spiritualism
Episode Five : Ghosts & Hauntings
Episode Six : Youth & the Occult
Episode Seven : Casting Spells
Episode Eight : Astrology
Episode Nine : Ouija Boards
Episode Ten : Fortune Telling
Episode Eleven : Satanists & Demons
Episode Twelve : Crystals & Charms
Episode Thirteen : False Gods


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