Senin, 28 Mei 2012

Abby Johnson - Pro-Life Advocate

Abby Johnson IP#78  Abby Johnson   unPlanned on Inside the PagesAn ordinary woman who has experienced extraordinary grace and wow, look what God has done!  Abby Johnson, author of “unPlanned: the dramatic true story of a former Planned Parenthood leader’s eye-opening journey across the life line”, a courageous woman who has brought forward not just the Planned Parenthood story (at times nightmarish in their behavior), but more importantly, her story…the journey of conversion, forgiveness, and witness.  She didn’t go looking for the spotlight, but she didn’t say “no” when it fell on her and now she is standing up for life and exposing the reality of Planned Parenthood and the beautiful options for life that are truly available.  She can truly say, with all integrity, that she knows both sides of the battle, and she is choosing life!  Be sure to get the “Catholic Edition” by Ignatius Press. 

Visit Abby’s website here.
unPlanned IP#78  Abby Johnson   unPlanned on Inside the Pages

You can pick up the book here

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